Rent a Car and Make a Difference

Europcar is the largest home-grown car rental specialist in South Africa. Judged Africa's leading car hire company at the 2010 World Travel Awards for the fifth consecutive year, we control approximately one-third of South Africa's car rental market. In addition, Europcar continues to invest in new infrastructure and facilities so that we can offer you world-class, state-of-the-art services whenever you need a rental car for business or leisure. We also focus heavily on the promotion of environmental responsibility, awareness, and behaviour throughout our operations.

Driving green is a core objective at Europcar and we reflect our company-wide commitment in every rental car we offer. While we continue to strive to offer our customers an incredibly effective and personal car rental service, we also ensure that the challenge of achieving sustainability throughout our operations is always met. We are constantly finding ways to save resources for the environment by reducing our output and not just offsetting it. So, you can feel good about renting a car from a company that treats sustainability as a business imperative.

Europcar has instilled tangible measures to drastically reduce our carbon footprint. These include water and waste recycling facilities at our depots and rationalisation of office printers and sensor lighting at our head office. We also offer green driving tips on our website as while the type of car you rent determines to a large degree how much fuel you use, and what emissions you leave behind, your driving technique has a lot to do with your fuel economy.

When choosing a rental car, choose one that accommodates your needs, rather than one that is larger than necessary. At you'll find a listing of the vehicles Europcar has to offer. Each vehicle's description includes the number of seats as well as the luggage and engine capacity, allowing you to make the right choice for your needs. Be aware that you'll sometimes find different fuel consumption details for similar vehicles.

The next time you need a rental car, choose the company that offers roughly 16,000 vehicles at over 120 locations throughout Southern Africa as well as car rental access to around 220,000 vehicles in 3,000 locations across 160 countries through the global Europcar network. Visit to learn more about us and our dedication to providing you with more than the typical rental car. We're committed to making a significant difference to the way our customers drive and the impact they have on the environment and have made great strides towards making driving more fuel efficient and reducing our carbon footprint. What's more, we have the information available to help you do the same.