Can I rent a car without a credit card?

Absolutely! We now accept debit and cheque cards with major participating South African banks.
These include:

  • Nedbank
  • Standard Bank
  • First National Bank
  • ABSA
  • Capitec

Kindly ensure that you have enough funds available in your account to cover the full rental cost. Regrettably, we do not accept International Debit cards, cash, cheques, bank transfers or International debit cards.

Traffic fines?

The renter is liable for payment of all traffic fines. We charge a R200 traffic fine administration fee.

How will my car rental be charged?

Upon collection of the rental vehicle, your card will be charged with the rental amount, an additional day’s rental, a tank of fuel and any extra expenses e.g. additional drivers. An authorisation hold will be placed on your card for a portion of the liability amount. This hold will be released within fourteen working days after the car has been returned. Upon return of the vehicle and when your final invoice has been calculated, any monies due back to you will be refunded within fourteen working days. For debit and cheque cards, the authorisation amount is charged to the card together with the deposit.

Important to note:

  • When an authorisation is taken on your card, your available balance decreases and you receive a notification from your Bank.
  • When the authorisation is released, your available balance increases, however you do not receive a notificationfrom your bank nor does it appear as a separate line item on your bank statement.
  • Your Debit or Credit card refund should be available in your bank account within 4 - 7 working days from the date of invoice.
  • Notifications are controlled by your issuing bank & the relevant cellular network and not Tempest Car Hire.

What is Auto-Billing?

Auto-Billing is the process of automatically deducting the rental amount when you hire a car and refunding any monies owed to you after you return the vehicle.

Is there a minimum age to rent a car from Tempest Car Hire?

The minimum age to hire a vehicle from us is 21. Special arrangements can be made should a young driver wish to rent a vehicle or be nominated as an additional driver; however, they must have been in possession of a driver’s license for a minimum of 2 years, provided at a nominal charge.

What should I do if I am involved in an accident?

Please contact the closest Tempest Car Hire branch or our +27 861 836 737 number and advise us of the accident. Please also contact the local police department so that you can obtain a case number.

What do I do if the vehicle breaks down?

Please contact the closest Tempest Car Hire branch or our +27 861 836 737 number and advise us of the breakdown. If the breakdown is caused due to mechanical failure, we will arrange for a replacement vehicle and for the damaged vehicle to be towed, the costs of which will be covered by Tempest Car Hire. Should the breakdown be caused by client error, negligence or accident, the hirer will be responsible for all resultant costs, including towing.

What is super collision cover?

In the event of an accident you are liable for a non-waiverable reduced liability amount. Should you have an accident with a third party, we will cover all costs to the repairs of the third party's vehicle up to an amount of R50 000. Super collision waivers are included in our online rates, with the exception of some of the specials run from time to time.

What exactly are super theft waivers?

In the event of theft of a rental vehicle, you are liable to pay the non-waiverable reduced liability amount. Super theft waivers are included in our online rates, with the exception of some of the specials we run from time to time.

Is there anything more I need to know about waivers and car rental?

Please refer to our terms and conditions and also peruse the back of our rental agreement for more on cover, exceptions liability amounts, and what constitutes breach of contract.

What is a Claim administration Fee for?

This covers any administration costs we incur in the event of one of our clients having an accident. An administration fee is charged additionally to the liability amount.

Do I pay for towing, storage and assessors fees in event of accident?

These fees are additional to the liability amount charged. You have the right to appoint your own assessor providing this is done within 72 hours of the accident and Tempest Car Hire is notified accordingly, failing which, we reserve our right to appoint our own assessor. The rental will remain open until such time as Tempest Car Hire receives the keys to the vehicle.

Does the liability amount cover damage to tyres, glass and under-carriage damage?

No the liability amount does not cover repairs to tyres, windscreens and under-carriage, and the costs for these repairs will be for the Renter. Should these components be damaged as a result of an accident, they are covered by the liability amount.

Should I return the car with a full tank of petrol?

It is advised that all vehicles are re-fuelled by the Renter on termination of the rental. If the vehicle is returned without a full tank of fuel, the vehicle will be re-fuelled and the renter will be charged for the refill.

What is a "car rental day"?

Rentals are charged in 24 hour periods. Return of the vehicle later than the time on the booking will result in an extra day being charged. A grace period of 59 minutes is allowed for late returns.

What do I need to bring along when I hire a car?

When you arrive at our counters, please bring along your reservation and/or booking confirmation, driver’s license, your credit card, cheque card or debit card and please bring your ID/Passport. If you are paying with debit or cheque card, you will need to provide us with your bank account number for your refund to be processed.

Please also note that you must be in possession of a credit card and 2 valid forms of identification for the rental of a Group E vehicle. A driver's license is a pre-requisite and a second form of identification such as an ID Book, Passport, Medical Aid card or ATM Card must be shown to validate your credentials.

What is an airport surcharge and is this included in the online rates?

An 11% airport surcharge is applicable for all rentals from airports. This surcharge is included in all of our online rates and imposed on all rental companies by the Airports Company Ltd (A.C.S.A).

What is a tourism levy? Do I have to pay this if I am a South African?

A 1% tourism levy is charged on all rentals. The levy goes towards supporting SA tourism. The tourism levy portion is included in our online rates.

What is the document administration fee?

A document administration fee of R55 is excluded from our rates and covers administration costs incurred for each rental.

What countries am I allowed to take a Tempest Car Hire vehicle into?

No vehicle may cross any South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Lesotho or Swaziland border without prior consent from Tempest Car Hire. A letter of authority must be obtained from the renting branch. This gives permission for the vehicle to cross the border. No vehicles are allowed into Angola, Malawi or Zambia. No vehicles are permitted to terminate in Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho or Swaziland.

What cross border fees apply when taking a car out of South Africa or a neighbouring country?

A cross border fee of R1100 is applicable into Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Does Tempest Car Hire offer special weekend rates?

Yes, we offer weekend rates. Weekend offers are available from Friday to Monday before 12:00pm. Rentals must be a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 3 days. No grace period will be considered for late return of cars and the rate will revert to the daily rate.

Are there any hidden costs when I rent from Tempest Car Hire?

None at all. What you see is what you pay.


What happens should my travel plans change?

You will have to notify the branch where the rental is to take place. Alternatively, contact us on +27 861 836 737.

Which rental vehicles come with aircon?

All of our vehicle groups are rented out with air-conditioning.

What is Maxirent?

Maxirent is Tempest Car Hire's long-term rental product and is a suitable alternative to leasing or purchasing a vehicle if you intend on using it for 30 days to 12 months.

When do your Maxirent deals apply?

Maxirent deals only apply when you book a long-term car rental. The special maxi-rates are only applicable when you require the car for 30 days or longer. Book a long-term car rental.

What is an Authorisation amount?

The amount held on your credit card for the duration of your rental. The amount is equivalent to the reduced liability amount. This amount will be credited to your account within 5-7 working days after the rental vehicle has been returned. This is only applicable should there not be any damages to the vehicle.

What documents do I require when I arrive at a Tempest Branch?


  • You will be required to produce an original ID Document as well as a driver's license. We will scan both of these documents for our records.


  • You will be required to produce an original passport as well as a valid International driver's permit. We will scan both of these documents for our records.

What does Glass & Tyre waiver cover?

The Glass waiver covers any cracks or chips or the full replacement of windows and windscreens. The Tyre waiver covers replacement of tyres (Black rubber only). This waiver does not cover Rims, Hubcaps and Mirrors.

What is E-Toll deposit for?

To cover the cost incurred while travelling on Gauteng Highway roads. E-tags may not be removed from Tempest vehicles as they are specifically coded to our registration and SANRAL system. Please note that there is a R1000.00 charge to a renter for tampering with or removing the tag from our vehicle.

What is a Reduced Liability?

The amount payable dependent on the vehicle group and insurance taken by the renter in the event of collision damage or theft of the vehicle