Car Rentals Offer Travel Flexibility

While most of us only think of renting a car for business travel and vacations, it can also be a very handy temporary replacement to your vehicle while it is being repaired. A car can be rented for as little as a day or for longer periods of time. Some car rental companies offer renewable monthly rentals for periods up to five consecutive months.

Car rentals offer numerous vehicle selections from economy, compact, mid-size, full-size, and luxury to SUVs, mini-vans, full size vans and even passenger trucks. Rental rates vary according to the length of the rental period and the size of the vehicle and are influenced by factors such as availability, number of reservations and pre-bookings, and the time of the year. In some cities, rental rates increase if the travel destination is a popular tourist area, especially during the summer and over holidays. Decent rates for car rentals can still be found, but you may be required to make an advanced reservation.

Booking in advance provides the security of knowing that your vehicle will be available for pickup when you arrive at your destination. Failure to pre-book a car rental may mean that you are left searching for other means of transport e.g. taxis, which can cost as much as a full day's car rental for just one trip.

Booking your rental car online is a good way to discover up-to-the-minute promotions, rates and offers. These can include free upgrades to the next vehicle size, additional days at no charge, or even a free GPS for the rental period. Some companies allow you to earn frequent flyer miles through your favourite airline and some even allow you to make your reservation through the airline's website, sometimes at a discounted rate.

Car rentals give you the option of visiting several different areas during the course of your stay – beaches, discount shopping outlets, large shopping malls, theme parks, nature preserves, etc. Even though you have the option of renting a GPS with your vehicle, it's always a good idea to ask the rental company for any available maps of the area so that you can plan your travel ahead of time. Many rental companies offer these maps free of charge.

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